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What I love About Prezi

1K Blog Marathon: Day 8

When we first met.

The year is 2013.

I was sitting on a school-based seminar conducted by our seniors, and being a sophomore student, I tentatively observe the topics of the event.

It’s not the new Cybercrime Law topic that caught my attention, but the way they present it on a white wall using projector. Not the speaker nor the free swags excites me, but the new technology that I saw.

The topic went from one idea to another, not by sliding left to right. Not by fading entrance and exit. Not by swivel, cartwheel, not even by credits. My mind was blown when an image “zoom in” to another image, and then “zoom out” on a paragraph. That moment, I never used PowerPoint or slide presentation software again!

My first move.

Our professor tasks us with a presentation about technological trends, and I’m fond of robots. I wanted to be ahead of the game, so I created an account in and sharpens my creativity! As my research and creativity conceived, here is the result ^_^

Click to view my presentation in new tab

Change the way you present

Before I discovered Prezi, I experimented in different Presentation Softwares: PowerPoint, SlideShare, SlideDog, Google Slides – the list goes on. I even created a software in VB6.0 that reads articles in HTML format, just to be unique in my presentation.

For the folks out there that hears Prezi for the first time, Prezi is a web app where you can create presentations or Prezis in a new way. The common presentations uses slides where you can navigate either forward or backward. You can add transition effects, like fading, pixelating etc.

Prezi on the other hand uses “Pan and Zoom”.

With Zooming, you can present forward or backward with zooming in and out effects. You can also turn your canvas upside down if you want, creating a unique presentation experience for the viewers.

Panning is a unique and refreshing way to present, best suited for business or meetings. With panning, the presenter can focus on one topic, pan and zoom on it, and even jumps on another topic way back or further, skipping other topics. For example, you are already on the 7th topic from a 10-topic presentation. Suddenly, you boss insisted on going back to topic 3 for further discussion. Instead of going through topic 6 to 4 just to reach topic 3, you can pan and focus on topic 3 instantly, like Barry Allen!

Why you should be using it now?

Prezi is completely free to use! You just create a free account, and you can kick start your presentation. But in order to use premium features, you can upgrade you account. This is best for business enterprises meetings. I bet you can close that deal now!

Free Prezi will make your presentations public, which means other user can view and copy your presentation – like an open source community.

Prezi has 2 versions: Prezi Classic and Prezi Next.

Prezi Classic

This version uses the old technology of Prezi, way back in 2009. Although old, it is a great pillar of Prezi that has a strong foothold in the face of presentation community. But due to the limitations of Adobe Flash in terms of internet security, Adobe announced that they will stop supporting the development of Flash. Most browsers and websites, like Prezi, uses Flash either for animations or games. This year, Flash will be phased out on all browsers. But don’t be alarmed, Prezi cope up with this circumstances, and in 2017, they released…

Prezi Next

This is the answer of Prezi in the upcoming Flash extermination. It uses new technology, HTML5. It has no difference in usage and presentation way as the Classic, aside from the fact that it will be carried on for the future Prezi.

What will happen to your old prezis?

You can still view your old prezi online. Although Prezi will stop supporting and updating Classic, they still find a way to make your old presentations editable using WebGL.

In case you don’t know

You can download your prezis for offline presentations. It will be compiled in an Executable File (EXE). Don’t worry because you won’t have to install anything – you just click “run” and start presenting. The downside is that you can’t edit your prezis using this approach, the exe file has no builder option.

Prezi Video

Prezi Video is a new exciting feature of Prezi. You can put graphics and texts on your screen while you are presenting live – like when you are on a live television where captions and news flashes pops in next to your face! Take a look at this video (credits:

“You’ve reached the end of slide”

With Prezi, you can literally take your viewers on a new world using your presentations. Whenever I present in our office, I always use it – and even if it’s widely used, they still looked amazed at my presentation. And now, you’ve reached the end of slide.

“And that’s one blog, stay hungry!”

No audience ever complained about a presentation or speech being too short. 

Stephen Keague

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