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How to add drop-down selection to an Excel cell

1K Blog Marathon: Day 10

Level: Easy

Pre-requisite: Installed MS Excel, any version.

Note: For the sake of this hacktip, I will be using MS Excel 2013 (since it’s the available version installed on my PC. ^_^)

Sometimes, we have to create a list of fixed selection to a cell to avoid extra / unimportant / wrong data input. It is more useful to data like Student’s Course, Company Department, or even Cellphone brand. This is easy-peasy, so let’s start!

1. Open MS Excel. You can click ‘Start’ then type ‘excel’ and click the Excel icon.

2. Select ‘Blank Workbook’.

3. On cell A1 (top-most, left-most cell), type ‘Category’.
Make it bold (Ctrl + B) as it is our Column Header.

4. Add any category you want below. Because I am a fan of My Hero Academia, I will be using “Hero” and “Villain”.

5. Now click on any cell (mine is C1), and add ‘Name’.
Make it bold as well.

6. Adjacent to it (D1), add ‘Character Category’.
Again, bold.

7. Click on D2, then on the Ribbon Tab select ‘DATA’.

8. Locate and click ‘Data Validation’. A pop-up window will open.

9. On the ‘Allow’ dropdown, select ‘List’.
This means that the only allowed data in this cell comes from a list.

10. On the ‘Source’ textfield, click the button         .

11. Now, drag the mouse from A2 to A3.
Make sure not to include A1 as it is our header.

12. Click ‘OK’.

13. Now you can see the cell is now a drop-down cell with 2 options, Hero and Villain.

14. You can copy this style on the following cells below by dragging it down.

Thank you folks for bearing with me. You know I’m still ill because of fever (I wish it’s not Corona! ^_^). See you again tomorrow for another blog, and hope I will get better.

“And that’s one blog, stay hungry!”

“Microsoft Excel is one of the greatest, most powerful, most important software applications of all time.”

— James Kwak, “The Importance of Excel


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