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My Top 10 Childhood Technologies

1K Blog Marathon: Day 11

One click – food is delivered.

One app – boredom is done!

In our days of mobile, computers, smart watches, intelligent homes – we are really getting nearer and nearer to the moon. But let met take you back to Earth, and let’s “unearth” my nostalgic childhood technologies. Let’s begin.

1. Walkie Talkie

“Mayday, Mayday, our ugly neighbor is coming!”

“Stay in your position! Stay inside the trashcan! Stay above the mango tree!”

After discovering this amazing piece of plastic on the TV commercial, I put to rest our metal can with nylon rope and proceed to my mother, pleading “Please Mama, my friends got that “Walking Talking”! (Even though they are also currently pleading to their mothers). And we got it! We enjoy the static it made when the battery runs out, and after one week, it’s not working anymore.

Then we are finding another can and rope.

2. Nokia 5110

This is the first mobile phone that I ever touched, and it has snakes! I mean, the snakes game, (but I would love this if it had space impact).

I remember when the fad is not the jelly case of your phone, or the ring holder, but the actual phone housing! Yes, you can change the housing of your phone and make it fashionable – you can also add key chains and mini stuffed toys!


3. Tamagotchi

You care em’. You feed em. You play em. You grow em. You starve em, and you kill em. Wait what?

It’s like your pet – only digital. Have you played Pou or Talking Tom? This is the father of Digital Pets.

You can also see its influence on Pokemon and Digimon. Gotta catch em all!


4. Play Station

What version did you started to play with this amazing game console? I remember, we can’t afford to buy this so I pay a rent of one peso for 5 minutes on our neighbor, well, ugly neighbor, after playing with Walkie Talkie.


5. Family Computer

Is it really a computer? I’m not talking about the red and cream colored Nintendo Famicon. Well, it doesn’t matter for me and my friends, as long as we can play Super Mario and Contra! Just insert a game CD on a CD player, then browse for 300 (actually repeating) games.


6. CD

This is the small version of Vinyl (retro ahaha). I still remember the time when a pirated CD will be thrown out by the player, and my uncle literally breaks the CD into two! Then feed it again to player. Then it reads: No Disc.

7. Walk Man / Disc Man

When you make your Cassette Player fit into your pocket, add your favorite cassette tape, and plug your headset you will get a Walk Man!


Now, make your CD player fit into your bag, add your favorite CD, and plug your headset you will get a Disc Man!


Bulky? Need to be reversed? Limited to 16 songs? During my childhood days, this is the “cool stuff”.

8. FM Radio

Now, if you are a cheap kid like me, you can buy a downgraded version of Walk Man, an FM Radio Man! (I just made it up). It’s just a Tamagotchi-sized FM Radio. And yes, you can plug in your headset!


9. Brick Game

As the name suggest – bricks. I mean pixels.

Tetris. Tank. Pong. You can select any game (again, just repeating), select level, speed and memorize the nostalgic sound whenever your game is over.


10. Video Game Machine

Do you have token?

In our neighbor’s house (yes, the same neighbor), I don’t know if he has a surplus of all arcade machines, but I remember going there (again, to play) with slot machines. Street Fighter, Mortal Combat, Super Mario…






(Insert coin to continue…)

When nostalgia hits, you wish you have a time machine that can take you back to your childhood. How about you? What are your childhood technologies?

“And that’s one blog, stay hungry!”

Technology is the fashion of the ’90s. It affects everyone, and everyone is interested in it – either from fear of being left behind or because they have a real need to use technology.

Jay Chiat

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