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Let’s talk about Niche

1K Blog Marathon: Day 48

You’ve heard it a lot. You’ve seen it a lot. You even read it a lot. But what is Niche, that lots of people are talking about, a lot?

What is niche?

A niche or a niche market is a subset (portion) of a larger market defined by its own unique preferences and needs. It’s a segment where common functions, values and interests are shared among products and services.

A good example is the food industry. It is a large market, and we can get a portion of it, for example dairy products, as a niche.

Also, niche can be a shared interest of a community. In my case, my niche is Programming.

Niche can extend from broad (Pet care Niche) to a more specific (Dog Frisbee Niche) topics.

How can it help you start your own business?

Niching is one of the best way to start a business. Most of the business that we know sprout from a single hobby or a passion for one thing. For example, if you like playing the ukulele, you can create a business around it! You can post video on YouTube about the tips and tricks on ukulele, how to find the best guitar and string in the market, and even sell custom-made products like ukulele stand or bag – targeting the hobbyist market, like you.

If you start your business around your passion, it will not only release your inner power, intelligence and creativity – it can also help you increase your skill and knowledge about it!

Ways to find your niche.

1. Identify what you love – passion. Turn your passion into your profession. There is no best job for you than doing what you love!

2. Look at the world – what is that one thing that is missing? Take into consideration the community you are in. You can take a deep thinking about the new great idea that nobody is creating. What is the one thing many people know that is missing yet nobody or very few are finding or doing?

3. Solve problems. All of us hate problems. And if we can buy a solution to a problem, we will do it, right? So if a problem arise, and if it is close to your niche, try to solve it. If you give value, people will give you trust, and money.

4. Niche down – get a niche within a niche. Try to monopolize a single niche market, or better yet, a smaller niche or a sub niche. From it, build your confidence and your skills, so as to build your authority and trustworthiness. If people see that you are good at what you are doing, they will come to you.

5. “Know thy enemy”. Research your market competitors. It’s not stealing ideas, but merely improving what was already made. And as Sun Tzu said, “Know yourself, know your enemy, and you won’t lose the battle”.

6. Verify your niche. Again, research. Verify your market if it “really” is existing. You can search for forums about your niche, and see if many people are responding. You can also create a simple group, just to know if there are people interested in your interests.

List of niches in the market

There are a ton of niche market, and here are the few popular:

  1. Health
    • Fitness
    • Weight loss
    • Exercise
    • Diet
  2. Relationships
    • Love
    • Marriage
    • Divorce
    • Advice
  3. Finance
    • Financial independence
    • Credit score
    • Money Making
    • Money Saving
    • Investing
    • FOREX
  4. Survival
    • Tools
    • Camping gears
  5. Travel
    • Itineraries
    • Tourist spots
    • Online diaries
  6. Pets
    • Pet care / grooming
    • Pet health
    • Exotic pets
    • Pet food
    • Pet gears, toys
  7. Self-Improvement
    • Books
    • Tutorials
    • Classes
    • Masterminds
    • Coaching
  8. Making money online
    • Blogging
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • MLM
    • Vlogging
    • Podcasting
    • Dropshipping
  9. Gadgets / Tech
    • Latest Mobile phone
    • Innovations
    • Solar
    • Electric
  10. Gaming / Streaming
    • Mobile Legends
    • Online Gaming Influencers
    • Fan group / Page

There are tons of niche out there – in fact you can create your own!

So folks, what niche are you in? Share it on the comment below!

“And that’s one blog, stay hungry!”

No niche is too small if it’s yours.

Seth Godin


Published by Christian Foster

Code-blooded, coffee-lover, tall, dark and chubby. I love to draw, has motion-sickness and a sleepy-head. BTW, graduate of BS Computer Science, Associate in Computer Science and certified UiPath RPA Developer. Loyal to my partner and a father of a cute bouncing baby daughter!

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