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Why CRM is the Best Asset of Your Business?

1K Blog Marathon: Day 55

Customer Relationship Management, aka CRM, is a technological process of managing business and customer interactions. By using data analysis, the business improve their relationship with the customers, with the aim of getting clients, retention of clients and streamlined business management.

Although CRM can be composed of one or more tools, a CRM is a software that connects the business to their clients and establish its relationship by offering collaboration, surveys, automation and other services.

Benefits of using a CRM

With the booming of technology, the old ways of business management and lead generation is now phased out. By just one click of a button, a business can identify its target market, supply the solution to their problem, and upsell!

In a typical business office, different tools are used for different tasks. Office apps for documents, email engines for messaging and keeping in touch with the customers, advertisements for lead generation, survey apps for getting feedback. By using a CRM, you merge these whole processes into one streamlined and interconnected process for a seamless business management.

A CRM can give an interface that the clients will interact with, they can send their interest to work with you, and communicate directly to the business. On the back side, the business utilizing CRM will have a more seamless data management that can be further analyzed, to better serve their customers. It can also handle employee information for HR, financial management to work hand in hand with the accountants, database management for inventory and many more.

In terms of operational, CRMs offers dashboard or platform where in the business and clients will interact. Different process can be exchanged to and from the platform. Tasks can be requested, assigned, carried out and archived.


1. Podio


Podio uses Workspaces that employees can join or be invited. It has an option to built an App (Podio App, works only inside Podio) that acts as a Database for different inputs. It offers webforms that can be customized and embedded into websites. It has a sister web app Globiflow that handle Podio’s automation.

2. Salesforce


Salesforce is a leader in the CRM industry. With its dashboard for case management, task management and event organization, it allows its customers to keep on track of their own cases. It provides analytical tools and other services like email, customer’s entitlement, contracts, calendars, etc.

3. Zoho


Zoho is a CRM that offers different office tools, like Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Presentations, Databases, Notes, Wikis, Teleconferencing, CRM and more. It also offers different apps for a more streamlined business operations like Accounting, Mailing, App Creator, and Project Planner / Tracker.

4. Asana


Asana is a mobile-friendly CRM created for more organized teams, managing and tracking their works and tasks. As a web platform, it improves team collaboration and manage tasks in one tool. Creating projects, Assigning tasks, Calendar of Deadlines, direct messaging, File attachments, etc. are some of what it offers.


Source: is a web and mobile app platform for Work Management, Project Tracking, Scheduling, and Team Collaboration. It can be customized to fit the business processes. It has many pre-built automation, from planning and other works.

Software tools for business process management is crucial to every company. Some are creating their own CRM, while others pay for it. It’s best to know what really fits into your business framework, and also imperative to use one. That’s it and thank you folks!

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