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YubiKey – a Pass Drive

Account security is our major priority when it comes to our passwords. Let’s learn about this little security key in our 66th blog post.

What is a Unicorn Company?

We’ve been told about the myths of the Unicorn – a white magical horse with a single horn in its head. But in business world, they do exists! Find out here in my 65th blog – Enjoy!


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“A Programming blog with less intimidating, more friendly voice.”


Hi folks! I’m Christian Foster, your Curbside Coder. I want to make a dent in the universe, so I started my own corner of the internet here in my blog. I am a coffee lover, Otaku, light gamer, loving husband and a proud father! By the way, I’m a Filipino (don’t get confuse with my last name!)

From Left: My gorgeous wife, my cuddly daughter, and yours truly, Curbside Coder.
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