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Coding Basics: CRUD

1K Blog Marathon: Day 63

In Database Administration, a program connected to a database may perform different functions, mainly composed of what we are calling C.R.U.D. These are the four basic functions we will cover in this post.

C – Create

This function is used to create or insert new item into the database. When inserting new record, a new row will be created for the new record. In SQL, it is represented by the “INSERT INTO” function.


INSERT INTO Table1 (column1) VALUES ('value1');

R – Read

Reading database and showing results is the most used function. It can simply show all records, or show filtered results. It is represented by “SELECT *” (read as select all), or by “SELECT [column name]”.


SELECT column1 FROM Table1;
SELECT * FROM Table1 WHERE column1 = "value";

U – Update

When an item or record is already existing, we can edit this record by using update function. This is represented by “UPDATE” function.


UPDATE Table1 SET column1 = "value";
UPDATE Table1 SET column2 = "value2" WHERE column1 = "value1";

D – Delete

Delete function is used when we want to remove a record permanently from the database. This operation is represented by “DELETE”.


(This deletes all record from the Database)


(This deletes one record from the Database)

DELETE FROM Table1 WHERE column1 = "value1";

That’s it guys! I hope you learned something from my blog post today. Thank you and happy coding! ^_^

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