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[Solved] I cannot drag/resize ReportViewer in my WinForm in VB.NET

I am adding Reporting to my VB.Net Project, but stumble upon an annoying problem. First I cannot add Report Viewer properly in my form. So I downloaded and installed Microsoft.RdlcDesigner.vsix.

Now I can add the ReportViewer on my components, but when I drag/double click it to add it to my form, it only goes below the form designer and NOT inside the form itself. It’s located below the form, where the controls without UI resides (like Timer, OpenDialog, ErrorProvider).

I searched for many forums, and on the Developers Community Forum of VB I saw this post.

I just want to share to you guys that this helped me.


I hope this post will help other folks out there! Happy coding!


Published by Christian Foster

Code-blooded, coffee-lover, tall, dark and chubby. I love to draw, has motion-sickness and a sleepy-head. BTW, graduate of BS Computer Science, Associate in Computer Science and certified UiPath RPA Developer. Loyal to my partner and a father of a cute bouncing baby daughter!

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